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I really can’t believe I’m writing this post already! 2015 has been probably my most productive year as a career artist. In truth, I took on far more than I should’ve and really overworked myself, but so many incredible opportunities surfaced this year and I just couldn’t say no! I’m incredibly grateful to my husband and in-laws for being so supportive during some very stressful months. As I am my daughter’s main caregiver, I’m typically splitting my time between her and my artwork, but I’ve been able to rely on my family a lot to watch her during the busiest times so I can focus on my work. I plan to write another blog post on “year 2” with Penny (in 2015, she went from 9 months to 21 months old and became a very active toddler!), so keep an eye out for that.

Here’s the final tally for 2015:

  • Pieces created: 32
  • Gallery exhibitions:14
  • Commissions: 3
  • Facebook fans: 88,000 (~70,000 added in 2015!)
  • Instagram followers: 55,000 (~38,000 added in 2015!)
  • My favorite pieces: “Harbinger” “Augury” “Endue” and “Impasse”

Let’s get started on monthly highlights! (And just a fair warning: this post is HUGE! My year was that big!)


I started off the new year with a commission of Mildred from “The Worst Witch.” This was such a fun little portrait!

10852965_794448637292146_1027318609_n 10852987_759355434148956_756788234_n

Next, I began and completed my most complicated painting yet (though “Impasse” now holds that slot!). “Harbinger” was made for the 3rd annual PRISMA Collective show at Spoke Art. For more info on “Harbinger,” I wrote a blog post about my process here.

10831734_371359899703771_1048448674_n harbinger copy


Also in January, I wrote two blog posts: “The Rise and Fall of Delirium” and “Shipping Artwork.

10895402_372155712909143_889903318_n 10919123_1568054536770624_1570445411_n

I did one last gouache/graphite commission (I miss these!):

10932320_609730439159470_1539550754_n 10948643_592333524234013_1994876090_n

I finished out January with a painting inspired by my favorite comedienne, Maria Bamford, for a show at Gallery 1988:

10957118_809000619167018_1814309370_n thebammer_web


I began February with my piece for Inner State Gallery’s “Glass, Cinder, & Thorns III” exhibit, creating a piece inspired by the fairytale “Biancabella and the Snake.” I titled the finished piece “Endue.”

10683836_344981859038804_1129720085_n endue_web

Maria Bamford happened to be performing in Nashville, not long after I finished the painting inspired by her! I brought her a print, and asked her to sign one for me too. She’s basically the best.

10469822_10155240730395453_709700858890948296_n 11013294_10155240730365453_4327332381715114455_n

I wrote a blog post about mounting paper to a cradled wood panel, that you can read here.

I began working on album artwork for Nashville local Carrie Welling’s EP, “The Edge.” It’s one of the most “liked” pieces by my fanbase from this year!

10995012_344852002387042_1178989597_n cover_webpreview

In February, I also began working with one of my favorite models and my good friend, Cassie Meder / Casstronaut. You’ll recognize her in a lot of my work from 2015!


Finally, to round up February, I created one of two postcard sized pieces for a Gallery 1988 show, this one inspired by my favorite movie, “Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind.”



The month began with Penny, nearly 1 year old, managing to find and attempt to eat a tube of gouache.


I began work on my piece for Arch Enemy Arts’ “Imaginary Menagerie” group show, inspired by mythical beasts and beings. I chose to create a piece based on the banshee. (As of this post, this painting is still available at AEA!

11008374_1415339715429189_1366718451_n augury

For the second postcard piece for an upcoming Gallery 1988 show, I created this one inspired by Addams Family Values.


After many months struggling to create my instructional DVD, losing corrupted footage, and general frustration… I started over:


At the end of the month, I began this piece, “Malediction,” for an upcoming show at Modern Eden Gallery based on Snow White.

11111287_1653500434880922_1300920868_n malediction copy


The month began with me joining One Fantastic Week shortly after being announced as part of the One Fantastic Weekend Workshop’s faculty!


I created a painting inspired by Game of Thrones and Sansa Stark for an upcoming Gallery 1988 show called “Idiot Box 2.”

11142201_426178317541569_735884178_n DarkWingsDarkWords

Also in April, I joined the artist rotation on Every Day Original, where I upload a brand new work on the 7th of every month for sale. The piece below, “Paragon,” was my first and I’m told it sold in record time!

11142367_944368475607342_675530543_n paragonphoto

I began a new piece, one that was for personal purposes and not for a show. I took my time on this one and actually got a good bit through my first version before scrapping it and starting over! I didn’t finish this one until May, and actually decided to digitally color it. I still have the intention of glazing the original in oils – I just haven’t gotten around to it!

11143027_833616246686020_1502760436_n 11246765_423004181203864_1841271588_n

11240654_1122697571090098_563894724_n pspcoloring


I began May with creating this commissioned piece, “Effervescent”

11312423_433180163539870_670117070_n 11373615_1018065368204356_1771520902_n

Then I made my way to Kansas City, MO for Spectrum Fantastic Art Live 4! I’d never been to a convention before, and I was persuaded to make it to Spectrum, and I’m SO glad I did! I had an incredible time. Highlights included finally meeting the wonderful Lauren Panepinto, running into George R. R. Martin (I shed a single tear), dressing up for the awards, meeting many of my favorite artists and new friends in person, having my work reviewed by Lauren, Irene Gallo, and Karla Ortiz and receiving very helpful feedback, and attending a multitude of incredibly helpful workshops.

11358113_1569700586588270_895518148_n 11214065_10101733441720923_5765613871596382708_n
 11168567_10101739134597353_2037367436035710219_n 11053042_10101739119233143_536929335837577510_n


I began the month with my June EDO piece, titled “Undulate.” It’s one of my favorite pieces from the year.

11313279_548264708644974_1926368922_n undulate copy

I also took on another album art commission, this time from Nashville local Linda Emerson. The subject matter was different for me, but I still enjoyed it! I put a lot of research into getting the milkweed right, including hunting some of it down at a local park and shooting reference photos.

11357932_949092285154524_2144039705_n Final_Full_Web

 Finally, I created a piece for an upcoming Gallery 1988 show celebrating the 30th anniversary of “Clue”

11385191_1408365172825454_1610638088_n (1) mrswhite_web



This month began with finding my feature in ImagineFX magazine! So neat to see my work in print like this.


Next up my monthly EDO piece:

11357397_1635154736730557_608389392_n 11376676_606465906123567_2116364723_n

I decided to take a quick personal break to make Penny a dress. It was really my first time making anything from scratch with my sewing machine. Speaking of, this kid really started reaching new heights, literally, in my studio…

11419167_923771554337577_1879910528_n 11348345_1030218030322265_1833991623_n

Finally, I ended the month by creating this small watercolor inspired by some luna moth paper-cuts that I purchased from fellow artist Redd Walitzki.


I finally released my finished instructional video!

I worked on a piece inspired by Crimson Peak for an upcoming Guillermo del Toro tribute show. The best part? The man himself bought it! Definitely a highlight of the year!

11420480_876388465776917_758248009_n immure_web


Toward the end of the month and into August, I created my favorite piece to date, “Impasse,” for a PRISMA Collective show at Antler PDX. As of this post, the original is available for sale in my shop.

11280334_1471070519880574_265246360_n 11358060_1672386109662610_1367809173_n



Thus begins the busiest part of 2015! I needed to create at least 5 pieces for a mini-solo show at Arch Enemy Arts. On top of that, many other things, including my August EDO piece:

11312199_1172004122826604_482761124_n corporeal

The first piece for my mini-solo “Symbiosis,” is “Schism:”

11326554_389157531287579_209022035_n 11356593_502818909873059_1869752952_n Schism_web

Next up is “Assail:”

11850004_477132842462526_280516795_n Assail

Then I took a break from my series to work on a piece for what was another major highlight of my year: being commissioned by Lucasfilm, Disney, Bad Robot, and Gallery 1988 for a Star Wars painting that would ultimately be auctioned off for charity. I chose to create a piece based on Queen Amidala. The piece measured 12″ x 16″ and was painted with watercolor and embellished with 18k gold lemon leaf.


11849814_1647575702165912_769948450_n 11907202_10155967083675453_1311358993299819357_n

12240983_10156214262865453_8245130730426338200_o 12208402_10156214262875453_4136045800744465010_n


The insanity continued! I picked up again on the three remaining pieces for my “Symbiosis” series. The next in line is “Proxy.”

11351735_845488655567992_1263063451_n 11849036_893974897348086_1734023064_n Proxy

Followed up by “Synergy”

11352084_518484334975537_2010772275_n 11809907_1643719445896251_142146827_n Synergy

And finally, to round out the “Symbiosis” series, here’s “Vernacular.” Most of the pieces from this series are still available at Arch Enemy Arts.

1391161_927006274049215_1863607372_n Vernacular

At the very end of September, just after finishing up the above series, I got straight to working on a new Indiegogo campaign – this time to raise the funds to attend the Illustration Master Class!


The month began with my EDO piece and the start of my Crazy 4 Cult piece for Gallery 1988.

12105003_198333607164669_1423970531_n 12081262_1505590756400172_1089306753_nProtean

Then, my husband and I took a VERY much needed vacation, just the two of us. We spent a few wonderful days in New Orleans while Penny stayed home with her grandparents.

12118845_10101932373834373_5078621714793230716_n 11349189_1618591235068287_1494466721_n

Once we returned, I finished up my C4C piece inspired by “Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind” (which is available from Gallery 1988!)

12145540_159824024366863_1401347904_n 12106099_174484576229214_2142663841_n Lark copy


This was an incredibly fun month! It began with teaching at the One Fantastic Weekend Workshop and creating my November EDO piece while there:

11881657_1646554868965749_1139834324_n contagion_web

The below photos are from the workshop, with photo credits to Loraine Flegal, Kirsten Zirngibl, and Julie Wilmore:

12188192_10154253959417656_8361159606954798893_o 12188241_10156215496405475_4039785842959613800_o 12141907_651288698307535_697090329_n

12184165_10156220595605475_5924379059372744848_o 12186846_10156224615380475_5229412057639072649_o

After the workshop, I created this postcard-sized piece for Modern Eden Gallery’s annual “Wanderlust” show and titled it “Astral”

12093609_1690025724552676_766110545_n astral

At the end of the month, I painted this super fun piece of Princess Peach for a Gallery 1988 show titled “Console Wars:”

12081061_198484100485400_328899387_n damsel_web


The first half of December consisted of fulfilling lots and lots of orders from the Indiegogo campaign and Black Friday sales. I’m so happy with my new home print shop setup! Meanwhile, Penny is finally old enough to sit and color for a few minutes while I work:

12277526_902507836491479_1959977346_n 12354095_1254892731194960_2053080115_n

My December EDO piece began like this…

12256876_516005811909422_1333991000_n 11311466_1037953556235347_1631700576_n

But then I set it aside because I wanted to spend more time on it. Instead, I created this:

12276782_799375170185169_2074535014_n 12357610_123896144645990_2076066048_n


I’ve ended 2015 with this incredibly fun piece inspired by my favorite game this year, “Transistor,” for an upcoming show at Gallery 1988.

10412845_532592206909990_1220344066_n we_all_become_goldhighlight copy


I’m really quite proud of everything I’ve accomplished this year, and I’m even more excited for next year! I have a very exciting solo show lined up, some traveling, IMC, and a couple more fun projects! I definitely plan to scale back a little, though. I worked myself breathless during the second half of the year, and that put a huge strain on myself and my family, and as Penny enters the “terrible twos” in 2016, I anticipate needing to be giving her extra attention.

Huge thanks to everyone that’s supported me and cheered me on this year! Onward!

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